Wednesday, 22 April 2009

BOOK REVIEW: How to choose a life partner. by B. ODUKOYA

I recently picked up this book by Bimbo Odukoya, a renowned Nigerian pastor who specialises in teaching on relationships. I love watching her sermons on the SKY Christian channels, She is so insightful and so down to earth. she really hits home about whats important when thinking about personal development and relationships. She is/was (now no longer with us) really anointed.

Personally I really like reading Christian based books because I feel they are a great tool for personal spiritual development and I have been inspired by many-a Christ based book.
So I have decided to start a series of reviews on Christian books I have read and give feedback and recommendations. Hopefully this will help anyone out there looking for a great Godly read.
So today I'm discussing this book. "How to choose a life partner. 165 questions to ask".
A friend of mine was reading it with her boyfriend and recommended that I get it so I did from Amazon (it was £12) and here are my findings;
It's a great book that gives advice on what to look for in a life partner, things to consider and things to be aware of. There are loads of mini stories on people who she had counselled throughout the years and who have been through various situations and the outcomes comes of the decisions they made good and bad.
It was really insightful.
Throughout the book she gives scriptural advice and then illustrates her point using some of these stories. which I found very helpful.
At the end of the book I was able to reflect and re-evaluate what I look for in a mate, there are things that I hadn't even thought about but this book brought those things to my attention.
Praise God! its a great read and I highly recommend it.

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