Tuesday, 28 April 2009


It is almost the end of April and I got to thinking. As general practice I like to do a personal development audit about this time every year , I have a look at the goals I set at the beginning of the year and I cross off what I have achieved and I investigate the reason why I have some of the boxes are left unticked!
I think its a great way you keep track of your hopes and aspirations throughout the year. By doing a personal audit fortnightly,monthly,bi-monthly or quarterly, it can help to give you a view on the areas you may be falling behind in.
I don't consider any resolutions I make at the beginning of the year a new years resolution. but simply a resolution. It is important that at the end of each year one sets personal development goals for one self, so when you look back on the year you can see a tangible result of the things you have achieved.
my personal resolution is to set goals and achieve them well before the end of the year so that I can also complete other dreams and aspirations. by doing this it means that by the end of the year I have achieved alot more than I originally planned.
There such a sense of accomplishment when you complete a personal task that you set for yourself whatever it maybe and I find for myself it urges me to accomplish other dormant dreams and desires I had left at the back of my mind.
it is all about being the best that you can be in life, with Gods guidance and help.
I write to encourage you the reader that when if you set yourself a resolution, if it didn't work out, jump back on the wagon and set yourself another goal. strive for personal perfection.
Just because we are in April does not mean that it is too late to set a goal. As a personal principle, I set myself monthly goals and you can do the same.
Take it before the Lord in prayer and ask him to guide you.
There is nothing you cannot do by his grace and strength,
God is on your side and he will give you your hearts desire,
so trust him and become a better you,
Reload your personal resolutions!God bless you now and forever.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

BOOK REVIEW: How to choose a life partner. by B. ODUKOYA

I recently picked up this book by Bimbo Odukoya, a renowned Nigerian pastor who specialises in teaching on relationships. I love watching her sermons on the SKY Christian channels, She is so insightful and so down to earth. she really hits home about whats important when thinking about personal development and relationships. She is/was (now no longer with us) really anointed.

Personally I really like reading Christian based books because I feel they are a great tool for personal spiritual development and I have been inspired by many-a Christ based book.
So I have decided to start a series of reviews on Christian books I have read and give feedback and recommendations. Hopefully this will help anyone out there looking for a great Godly read.
So today I'm discussing this book. "How to choose a life partner. 165 questions to ask".
A friend of mine was reading it with her boyfriend and recommended that I get it so I did from Amazon (it was £12) and here are my findings;
It's a great book that gives advice on what to look for in a life partner, things to consider and things to be aware of. There are loads of mini stories on people who she had counselled throughout the years and who have been through various situations and the outcomes comes of the decisions they made good and bad.
It was really insightful.
Throughout the book she gives scriptural advice and then illustrates her point using some of these stories. which I found very helpful.
At the end of the book I was able to reflect and re-evaluate what I look for in a mate, there are things that I hadn't even thought about but this book brought those things to my attention.
Praise God! its a great read and I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Death to the Diva!

Killing the alter-ego.

The other day I was talking to a friend and we got into a lil' friendly debate. She had her own opinion about a certain matter and I had my own and we kept going back and forth and she ended up accusing me of being stubborn diva (which I reject IJN lol) , this wasn't the first time I have been called stubborn and recently I have been asking God to purge me of the things in me that will hold me down.
so it got me thinking: what is the true definition of stubbornness? I have always been very firm in my personal moral codes and generally if I am in the wrong in any matter I am the first to admit it and apologise for it . But it got me thinking; Do people misconstrue a strong character for a stubborn one? shouldn't we be allowed to form our own opinions and stick with them without being accused of being stubborn? I really felt that if you had an opinion that there is nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe, but there are times when one can take it too far. I know I'm guilty of it. I know I have a tendency to be stuck on something that isn't that important all in the name of making a point. for example when a driver cuts you off or takes your spot on the roads, usually that was enough to spoil my day at times and I realise the devil will use what he can to destroy my day. the Bible tells us in Psalm 118: 24 that "This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it" we sing it all the time but there is power in those words. The day belongs to God but he blesses us with it and we decided what to do with the day, if we allow issues to control our day then we cannot rejoice and be glad.
I had therefore taken it upon myself to ignore those situations that would get in my way and in doing so I allowed the enemy to lie to me once again. to the point when I would not allow anything to affect me as long as I hold on to my precious opinions and points! to the extent that the point became more important than the people.
Its been a real eye-opener for me because I did not realise how "set " I was in my ways I had a look at the Merriam-Webster dictionary and it defines stubbornness as "unreasonably or perversely unyielding" it also defines stubbornness as "one who is difficult to handle, manage or treat".
I was so scared when I saw that, I thought "Goodness! am I really that bad" I know at times I have a tendency to be opinionated and there's nothing wrong with being a strong character, God made us all different but there has to be room for other people, I realised ENOUGH WITH THE DRAMA! I don't have anything to prove because God has blessed me in so many ways. holding on to trivial points is just plain petty! I am bigger than that! So what if the driver cut me off! I should be thankful to God that he didn't crash into me!
I realised that I was indirectly punishing people who reminded me of certain people from my past that had hurt me, the "IT" crew at high school, the "teachers" /" fathers", "evil drivers on the road while I was still learning" - I realise I have nothing to prove anymore.
When Jesus came into my life he took all that away. My life in him is a zillion times better. I have HIM so I don't need to fight anymore. He fights for me and I am on the winning side!
So yes, stubbornness was a part of me but now its dead and buried because I am a new creation in Christ Jesus, old things have passed away and new things have begun (2 Corinthians 5:17). If we hold on to our pass fights we can never enjoy and embrace our new victories.

So Praise God and death to all your inner evil divas!
God bless ya!