Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I decided to start bloggin again because more often than not I am confounded with thoughts on what society or people in general believe we should do. We (as a nation) have slipped so far into doing what feels right that our opinions now are so manufactured. Not many people seem to be original; everything goes just as long as the society says its good!Nowadays it’s ok to get drunk and lose your respect and your dignity and embarrass yourself every Friday night. All in the name of “fun” It’s become a ritual to some, if they don’t get wasted on the weekend they feel incomplete.Every Monday when I get to work the first 3 hours of the day are spent listening to stories of various drunken antics that occurred during the weekend. Each person trying to outshine the other based on the amount of alcohol they were able to consume in one night. I find it totally embarrassing! Mainly down to two reasons.The first being my background. I was raised in a strict African household, with strong morals and values. Self-respect meant the up most and still does!. Every child in my environment was trained and raised to show respect to others as well as exude respect.And not in the boring sense! Instilled within us was the mindset to always consider the result before the action. So as to avoid disastrous consequences.This did not mean that we lead a shelter life and never made mistakes!! Of course we did- everybody makes mistakes its just meant that we were more aware of the consequences than of the actions. But I am thankful for my heritage because it has grounded me in ways I can never repay.The second reason is because of my faith. As a born-again Christian, the bible is my daily manual I can’t leave home without taking a dip into it. It has been a force to reckon with in my life. Without it I don’t know where I would be today. It helps me with decisions I make and it lifts me when I feel down. When any of life’s problems come my way I simple delve into it for a quick gulp of wisdom and it works every time.Because I strive to make sure that my life is based on what the word of God tells me to do, I find it hard (most times impossible) to agree with any thing, person or opinion that goes directly against the word of God. I just cant stray from it. It has been too good and too true to me, so my opinion is to forget what society says! As far as I’m concerned they can shut up! I’d rather focus on what God says. If it isn’t of God then I don’t want to know. Selah!

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